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History of the Port

Berehaven harbour  was leased out by O Sullivan Beara  to French and Spanish fishermen from 1400 to 1601 at 500 guineas per year

Wolfe Tone anchored his ship in Berehaven harbour with other French navy ships  in the French invasion of Ireland in 1796. The Bantry long  boat  which is called locally  the Bere island Long boat was take from Berehaven harbour to Bantry House after it lay in Berehaven for over a hundred and two years

Berehaven late 1800s


The British government decided to develop Berehaven harbour as a deep-water port for cruise liners going to the USA. Funds were approved to the value of 600,000 pounds. The project did not start due to objections from  Cobh .


US Navy

It was from here in the first WW1 that the British and America navy were based to protect the ships going to the USA

History of Berehaven



Mr. Churchill looked for  Berehaven back from the Irish State in 1938 for the ships going to USA . Berehaven was one of the treaty ports.


In 1968
The first phase of pier development was carried out in the inner harbour with 400m of pier developed and 40 acres of land reclaimed for an industrial site .
Castletownbere was designated as a major fishing port.


1n 1980
Berehaven was used by eastern  European factory ships  to transship their fish and refuel fishing boats from Russia , Ireland and Scotland. Up to 80 factory ships anchored  in the port at one time with 5000 crew.

East European factory ships

Tribulus oil tanker  1990  Tonnage 127.907
The Tribulus was repaired in Berehaven Harbour this was a major  repair  job.   The damage to the  vessel revealed a hole measuring 21 metres long by 10 metres deep.


2003 The US navy ship The USS The Sullivans visited Berehaven in  2003.  It was from this peninsula that the ancestors  of the five sullivan  brothers left in 1849.  This ship is named after the five brothers who died in the second world war serving in the US navy

USS Sullivans at sea

USS The Sullivans

1n 2011

Dinish Pier
 A new pier was developed  in the inner harbour 250 metres of quay with 8.5 metres at low tide  
Trawlers tied up at new pier