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Welcome to Castletownbere Port, Beara, Co. Cork

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Castletownbere/Beara  Peninsula fish landing for 2012 was
€ 83,945,000
This was made up from Irish, European  fishing boats and fish farm landing of a total of 37782,tons. 

Castletownbere is the largest white fish port in Ireland with up to 70 Irish fishing boats working out of the port and up to 20 European fishing boats landing fish on the quays on a weekly basis. The landing include lobster, monk, hake, megrim Mackerel, herring, tuna crab, and whiting and many more species


Castletownbere trawlers at the Town pier

Shellfish del la mer

The Shellfish de la Mer boat 3 Brothers heading out to the Roancarrig sea farms


Fishing farming
Salmon, Abalone, oysters and mussels play a big part in the employment in the harbour ,
With up to 55 people working on the fish farms along the coast

Mackerel crab claws Monkfish

Filleted mackerel a product of

Castletownbere Fisherman's Co-op

Craw claws a product from

Shellfish de la Mer

Monkfish a product of

Eiranova Fisheries Ltd

Fish factories

There are three main fish factories in the town employing up to 250 at times
The factories process all difference types of fish from crab to herring and other species

Co-op and Erinova
The Castletownbere Co-op (left) and Eiranova sited on the main pier of Dinish Island

Dinish factories

The fish factories of Dinish Island, Shellfish de la Mer in the foreground, Co-op middle distance and Eiranova (white building)
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